Preview: Odzboxfit ‘The Night of Champions’ event 

A boxing gym founder and promoter based in London is set for a huge fight night next month.

Odera Okwuosa (Odz), 25 created Odzboxfit to provide a platform for up and coming fighters to showcase their ability in the ring.

Following the success of the first two events that the boxing club put on last year, Okwuosa has a third planned for May.

Odzboxfit promotions have gone bigger and better for the next boxing fight night event taking place in just under a month, labelled ‘The Night of Champions’. 

The fight night will be the third event in the series and will get underway at the infamous London Tabernacle on 13 May. 

Relishing in the ability to put on a third event within one year, Okwuosa is set on the night being another stepping stone in the long term plan for global success. 

He said: “It feels amazing. This one is going to be bigger, we have three title fights on the line.

“For us this is a step in the right direction of where we want to get to. Filling bigger arenas, expanding out to different countries.”

A packed out arena at the last event. The Night of Champions will be even bigger

There will be a light heavyweight title, heavyweight title and cruiserweight title.

The organiser has promised more entertainment this time as he plans two guest artists to perform during the show. 

Okwuosa was even approached by boxers now on the card after they saw how successful the last event was. 

He added: “I had some come up to me and ask to fight as they want a platform to show their talent. 

“The main event is more of a grudge match. They’ve put a large bet between them of who is going to win and there’s more personal rivalry this time.”

George ‘Eze’ Ezekiel winning his cruiserweight belt at the last fight night event

Fighting in the main event, George ‘Eze’ Ezekiel is the current cruiserweight title holder and will look to defend this belt against former kickboxer James Newton.  

Eze said: “The last fight was my first main event so there was a lot to learn about dealing with the pressure of putting on a show. 

“But I thrived on it, I proved myself and it went exactly how I said it would go. Knocked him out in the second round and got the win that I deserved.” 

Ahead of this next fight, Eze has maintained his routine but recognises the impact that Okwuosa and his camps have had. 

He added: “Nothing’s changed, my mindset is always the same. I never underestimate any opponent that I’m up against. The day after winning my last fight I went straight back into training so all of the hard work and dedication I’ve put in will show itself on the night. 

“Odera has helped me take it to the next level. He’s helping me become a better fighter, not only a better fighter but a better person inside and out the ring.

“I’m a showman and this is my journey. I want to show people my skills and how I have developed as a fighter over the past six months, proving why I am the champion.” 

The next title fight on the card is Jiggz, boxing in the light heavyweight division against Emanuel Mangituka (Eman). 

Jiggz said: “I’m someone that once I’m engaged in something I am training as hard as I can. I use boxing to keep myself sane. It’s a good release of aggression and energy. 

“The last fight I took on his show with five weeks notice and three years out the ring. I won with flying colours but this time I’ve had a lot more time to prepare.”

Despite a football background, Jiggz started in Muay Thai and then moved into boxing after being approached by a coach.

He added: “I had to stop boxing for a few years but I saw Odz post. He looked good so I got in contact to get back into it. From there we made a connection and I’m fighting on his next show.” 

IN THE RING: The set up

The third and final title fight will be Taz Rambo against Jamie Wing for the heavyweight belt. 

Rambo, alongside his five year career as a DJ, has always been interested in boxing.

The music producer came across Okwuosa through social media and was his first personal training client. 

He said: “Odz has taught me everything I know and does weekly camps with scenarios that help us in sparring. It’s properly intense but I love it and we all have a laugh as well.

“I was supposed to fight on his other two shows. But unfortunately my opponent backed out of the first one and then I was injured for the second. 

“This time round I’m locked in, confident, focused and ready.”

Finally, a newcomer to the Odzboxfit promotions scene is Kai Ali, who will face Ryan Jack in a cruiserweight bout at the Tabernacle. 

Ali only properly started boxing a year ago whilst at university, but has picked up the skill quickly.

He said: “I had one fight at uni and got a second round TKO. I like fighting on the front foot and being the aggressor. I really enjoy boxing because it gives me something to work towards. 

“I’m quite an analytical person so I’m training to attack my opponent’s weak spots. The fight night will be my second fight and I’m training six times a week for it.”

Company owner Odera Okwuosa holding a belt

The future vision for Okwuosa remains.

He added: “I want to spread internationally, keep growing this brand and help fighters excel in white collar boxing. To provide not just an entertainment platform but grow real careers.

“It’s our third event in under a year and the reception, the fans, and the amount of people looking to box on our show is growing rapidly. I believe that within the next year or so you will be seeing bigger venues from us.” 

You can buy tickets for the event here.

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