Studio Upstairs: The art charity providing therapy for people struggling with mental health in London

Studio Upstairs is an arts and health charity which offers positive, artistic interventions for those struggling with their mental health. 

The organisation offers art studio spaces and aims to create a community hub centred around art therapy, for those with mental or emotional difficulties. 

With studios based in Dalston, Croydon and Bristol, the charity offers a variety of art workshops and tailored support. 

The central ambition of the foundation, which was founded in 1988, is to: “Create a network of sustainable, safe, local studios available to all who need them, as and when they need them.” 

According to the British Association of Art Therapists, art therapy is an established form of psychological therapy in which participants can use art to express their experiences. 

It is accessible and can be used by anyone to help them to reflect on their mental or psychological issues. 

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