Australian couple praises the monarchy at Hyde Park coronation big screen event

An Australian couple praised the monarchy and the chance to be a part of history at Hyde Park. 

Judy and Graham Armstrong from Brisbane, Australia, were on holiday visiting a nephew and niece and took the opportunity to watch the coronation on the big screen. 

Hyde Park was decked out with four screens and a celebratory atmosphere despite the persistent rain. 

Teacher Judy, 66, said: “We just got swept up in all the atmosphere and the pageantry and pomp that is going on, it’s amazing.” 

Both Judy and Graham, 67, retired, thought that Charles would make a good king. 

“The tradition that you have here is really important and it’s what keeps you going,” said Julia. 

Graham suggested that the coronation of King Charles offered a good opportunity to for a refresh of the monarchy. 

Judy agreed, and said thought that Charles’ environmental work would appeal to the Australian public. 

“His thinking on the environment is probably at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds in Australia,” she said. 

“That’s important to them, so if he has that forward thinking about what he’s going to do, he’ll win the people over in Australia.” 

However, there are a mix of opinions on the royal family in Australia. 

“I think a lot of young people in Australia aren’t interested,” said Julia. 

“Its not relevant to them.” 

It was luck that landed the couple in London on the date of the coronation, as the visit was planned in October a week before the coronation date was announced. 

“We’d already booked, we’d already paid it, and we thought yay! Charles knew we were coming,” said Judy. 

The Andersons went to Green Park first but at 8:20am the park was already at full capacity with officials turning people away so they relocated to Hyde Park. 

Julia said: “We thought it was going to be big, we didn’t realise it was going to be this big.

“It’s a time point in history and I think if you’re in London you’re mad if you don’t get involved.” 

The couple is planning to spend another three weeks in London including a birthday high tea for Graham at the Savoy Hotel with relatives.

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