Philip Glanville in Hackney

Labour’s Philip Glanville re-elected as Mayor of Hackney

Hackney saw Mayor Philip Glanville re-elected for the third time on Thursday after securing the mayoral role with a landslide victory of 36,049 votes (59% of the ballots).

Following a huge roar and applause from the crowd in the count, the Mayor thanked local residents for voting him in, his campaign team and the staff who had worked on sorting through thousands of voting slips. 

The Mayor said: “Thinking about the big challenges the borough faces on poverty, on crime on housing.

“We want to do more with residents, putting more power,  energy and investment in the hands of Hackney residents to help solve those difficulties together.”

The Mayor said the top two challenges were the cost of living and what people were feeling in their pockets right now and boosting the borough’s employment. 

He said: “Wages that residents get for the jobs they do with more on the London Living Wage and more on the Hackney pound circulating locally.”

Glanville said the second biggest challenge was housing, adding: “How do we build the 1,000 council homes I’ve talked about and improve the private rental sector and ultimately solve homelessness here in Hackney. “

In light of the appalling Child Q fiasco, Mayor Glanville added: “The message I’ve got to the young people of Hackney is ‘we’re hearing you’, 

“Whether you’re in the town hall protesting in your thousands or whether you’re sending individual messages or whether you’re taking part in the detailed conversations we’ve started to organise about the trauma of Child Q and the challenge of racism in our police system, in our public services and in our schools.

“We are going to work with you, families and communities to solve those challenges, to reduce exclusions, improve the response around SEN, improve the response around mental health and ultimately make sure the borough is not just anti-racist but actively anti-racist.”

Zoë Garbett, Green Party candidate for Mayor of Hackney candidate for Mayor and elected councillor, was pleased with her result.

Garbett said: “I’m incredibly grateful to all the Hackney residents who voted for me as mayor. 

“My positive platform for a greener, fairer Hackney won more than 10,000 votes – the best performance for any mayoral runner-up here since 2014. 

“A strong swing from Labour to the Greens shows that more and more residents are looking for a credible alternative to the establishment parties. 

“As Hackney’s real opposition party, we will keep on working hard for meaningful climate action and social justice.”

The final results were:

Helen Baxter – Lib Dems – 4,320 – 7% of vote

Zoe Garbett – Green Party – 10,373 -17% of vote

Philip Glanville – Labour and Cooperative 36,049 – 59% of vote

Oliver Hall – Conservative Party – 8,160 – 13% of vote

Gwenton Sloley – Independent – Hackney People Before Profit – 2,105 – 3% of vote

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