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Mario Kart tournament set to fundraise for youth homelessness

A Mario Kart Gaming Tournament will be taking place on 20 February from 6:30PM to 10:30PM at the Platform in Shoreditch to raise money for End Youth Homelessness (EYH).

EYH is a national movement of the leading youth homelessness charities that joined together to tackle the UK’s youth homelessness crisis.

They drive research, collaboration and funding to identify and scale interventions that transform the lives of those most vulnerable at the ages 16-to-25 years-old and in doing so support more than 40,000 young people each year.

Youth homelessness can happen for various reasons such as being blighted by intergenerational poverty, neglect and abuse.

EYH created Gaming For Good, a way for people to stay connected and to have fun whilst raising funds for their cause due to the recognition of how isolating the pandemic was for many.

Faye Edmondson, Head of Fundraising and Communications at EYHS, said that: “The digital divide is huge, and digital exclusion is a real problem for the young people we work with.

“Gaming For Good helps raise funds to tackle that and awareness of the issue.”

The Mario Kart Tournament, isn’t going to let any blue shells get in anyone’s way of having a good night with food, socialising, gaming and of course a chance of being crowned victorious all in order to raise money for EYH.

Tournament entry requires a minimum £30 donation which entails tournament and event access alongside unlimited gaming.

However, if the stress of competing will spin you out there is always general admission, which requires a £20 donation.

To top it all off the night is hosted by prominent gaming YouTuber Elz The Witch who has 229 thousands subscribers.

The gaming community in just two years have helped raise nearly £60,000 through live-streaming to fundraisers or simply donating.

Edmondson added: ”A little support can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and when our young people get that chance, they really do run with it. 

“They amaze me every day.”

EYH has helped many achieve their success stories with people transforming their lives by going back to school, starting college, securing a dream job or moving into independent accommodation.

To get involved visit:

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