Parents raising autism awareness among the Somali community

A wife and husband have run a series of events for the Somali Week Festival to raise awareness of autism within the community.

Samia and Hashim Ali run Daryeel Autism, a Somali owned organisation with the mission to support families in raising awareness of autism in the Somali community. 

In the midst of the Somali Week Festival, they teamed up with Kayd Somali Arts and Culture who host events in the month of October which brings Somali people together as a community

Samia Ali has recently written and published a book named ‘LifeLine: A mother’s story of hope.’ 

The book touches on Samia’s personal life journey with her autistic son, understanding the way he views life and supporting him to be happy and independent.

She touches upon how other autistic families can help their child do the same.

Samia said ”I am so proud of son who is now living happy and independent life.”

Samia and her husband Hashim run a series of lectures on autism for those who’ve had children with autism.

They ran workshops this week which aim to provide a safe space for parents with autistic children to discuss autism.

Guests were provided with comprehensive knowledge as well as two guest speakers Faiza Abdishakur and Dylan Methieson-Dodds.

Hashim Ali says ”The children with autism – make sure you help them.”

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