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Why is it dangerous to drive with a broken shock absorber?

Initially, when an unsophisticated motorist hears the phrase “shock absorber”, logic tells them that this part is necessary to absorb vibrations and other side effects from shocks.

Such a statement is completely true and, if expressed in more technical language, the shock absorber dampens vibrations of springs, torsions and springs.

It is located in the suspension and fulfils several important functions: it helps to ensure safety, and also cares about the comfort of the driver and passengers.

However, let’s find out step by step why it is so important to keep the shock absorbers in good working order. 

Why is it dangerous to drive with a broken shock absorber?

First, it’s important to understand why a shock absorber is installed in the suspension.

In order to answer this question it is worth explaining a few facts that relate to the functionality of the suspension.

So, this structure is constantly exposed to loads that are taken by a spring called a leaf spring.

In fact, this part is compressed and bent from the loads to prevent various vibrations to affect the body and stagger it to the sides. 

The spring itself during operation also creates them and transmits their effects to the body.

The above processes do not allow the wheels to be constantly in contact with the road, which makes it difficult to drive the car.

How can this problem be corrected? The right thing to do is to install a shock absorber and make sure it is in good working order.

It is this shock absorber that is able to remove spring vibrations. 

And now let’s move away from explanations in technical language and move on to more substantive points.

If the shock absorber breaks, then during driving on an uneven road, as well as hitting obstacles, the body will be strongly rocked, and this, in turn, can lead to a loss of controllability.

In addition, if the part is defective, all the consequences of impacts to the moving parts of the car (we are talking about the wheels and suspension) will be maximally felt. 

Now, let’s briefly summarise what has been said.

If the part is broken, then:

  1. The wheels of the car, when hitting any bump or obstacle, bounce strongly and do so on a constant basis.
  2. It will be extremely difficult to move even at speeds below 25 miles per hour. 
  3. You can forget about comfort, as you will feel every bump and pebble with your whole body. 

The last important clarification in this subparagraph: the car has two shock absorbers on the front axle and two on the rear axle.

How to repair a shock absorber

Repair of the shock absorber begins with its disassembly, which is not so simple.

After that, in any case, replace the piston O-ring, gland and Teflon ring of the guide sleeve and the working fluid of the shock absorber.

Next, the stem is inspected: if it is corroded, it must be replaced.

If the breakdown is caused by foreign particles getting under the damper, you will get off relatively lightly, because here you just need to rinse and check the fit of the damper.

In the case of single-tube shock absorbers, the O-ring of the separating piston is replaced.

The inside surface of the piston cylinder is also polished.

In addition, repairing the shock absorber makes it possible to reconfigure it and also to make it adjustable.

Car shock absorber replacement  Р

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