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Radical bookstores to visit in London

London has been home to radical change for decades and it’s also home to some of these best radical bookstores for all your interests.

Housmans bookstore in Kings Cross 

A must visit bookstore for radicals and those interested in politics.

Based in London since 1959, Housmans specialises in political books such as feminist, anarchism, LGBTIA+ and more. 

They also stock the largest range of radical pamphlets, newspapers and magazines from Marxist to pacifist titles, DIY zines and small press publications. 

Housmans also stock a range of second-hand books in the bargain basement at £1 a book. 

You can also get involved by attending their many events and book groups held at the bookstore or help volunteer and support a not-for-profit bookshop. 

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Freedom Press in Whitechapel 

Freedom Press is a volunteer-run radical bookstore which maintains the oldest and largest specialist anarchist bookstore in London. 

Alongside their own works they stock books, newspapers and pamphlets on everything from history, philosophy, sex, class and beyond.

They also have the latest magazines, periodicals and newsletters from major radical groups. 

You can also access and buy their own work from their freedom journal, first published in 1886, and Freedom Publishing. 

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New Beacons books in Finsbury Park

Established in 1966, New Beacon was the UK’s first black publisher and specialist bookshop to make its community poetry, literature, non-fiction, children’s books etc from Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Europe, South America, Black Britain and more available to the general public.

As well as visiting the bookstore, you can also visit their events held in store. 

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Shalimar books in Kennington

Since 2012 Shalimar Books, an independent bookstore, have been supplying books from Indian publishers. 

They cover an extensive range from Indian politics, human rights, humanities and history as well as novels and fiction by Indian authors and more. 

As well as specialising in South Asian literature, they also sell art and other crafts.

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Common Press in Bethnal Green

Founded in 2019 The Common Press has been an intersectional bookshop and café that hold a range of books from sexuality, queer rights, politics, relationships, LGBT+ novels and more.

They are often regarded as a safe queer place and are a must visit for those alike.

The Common Press also hold events from book launches to cabaret.

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