DJ to dad life: Capital’s Sonny Jay discusses parenthood ahead of Father’s Day

A Capital FM DJ will celebrate his first Father’s Day at the Summertime Ball. 

While Sonny Jay is adapting to fatherhood with his first daughter Mia born on May 8, 2024, he will be a little bit pre-occupied on Father’s Day!

Ahead of the big day, greetings card marketplace thortful caught up with the 30-year-old presenter from Redbridge.

“The timing hasn’t worked out because I’ll be working at the Capital Summertime Ball on that day,” the Britain’s Got Talent finalist said.

“Maybe I could take her with some little headphones on for a backstage tour to meet people and experience something amazing at such a young age, we’ll see.”

The Dancing On Ice winner explained he is the first of his friends to have a baby.

He said: “It was quite funny because out of all my mates I’m the first to have a child, which is worrying because they’re coming to me for advice!

“Sian Welby, who I used to work with on the breakfast show is around four weeks out from us, so she’s asking me for advice, but I can only give little tips on what’s happened in the first few weeks.”

He also explained the team at Capital are being respectful of the fact that he was not able to attend some of his shows.

He said: “Work were amazing because obviously I booked some time off work not knowing when the baby was going to come, so they sorted out someone to cover me at any point which I’m so grateful for.

“I’ve had so much support from work. It’s been incredible, they’re asking if I’m ready to come back and if I need more time.

“I’d love to stay at home with Mia forever but I’ve got to get back into it all and find the work-life balance sooner rather than later. 

“I’m lucky that I get to spend the day at home and then go to work in the evening and I can’t complain about it being a tough job. I just go and talk a load of rubbish on air for a couple of hours ha-ha.”

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