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The family outside Domino's

Lad rules over Domino’s dynasty working alongside three brothers uncle and girlfriend

A lad rules over his very own Domino’s dynasty – working alongside his three brothers and uncle at the world-famous pizza chain and even meeting his girlfriend there.  

James Priestley was just 16 years old when he started working in the kitchen of the branch in Horsham, West Sussex, in 2017 rustling up pizzas.

Since then the 22-year-old has risen through the ranks, becoming shift manager, assistant manager, and is now the youngest ever store manager in the region – overseeing five stores.

James’ uncle Chris Speed is a full-time driver and his 18-year-old youngest brother Tom Priestley works as assistant manager overseeing the Horsham team.

Meanwhile 20-year-old middle brother Callum Priestley holds the role of store manager at the branch in Crowborough, East Sussex, and 16-year-old Daniel Priestley is a team member in the Southwater branch.

Before James took a bigger ‘pizza’ the managerial action, he worked alongside his now-girlfriend Leanne Tullett, 20, who is store manager at the Horsham branch in West Sussex.

James joked that the family affair might suggest there would be lots of ‘rows and bickering’.

However he says that in reality, working with his family is good fun – though admitted there was a bit of ‘healthy competition’ between them.

Now the chain is looking to hire its next generation of Domino’s workers, announcing last week that it is recruiting for 5,000 new roles across the UK and Ireland.

James, from Horsham, West Sussex, said: “Some might think it would be really tough working with their family and think it would lead to rows and bickering.

“However, it’s been really good working with my family, me and my uncle get on really well.

“A lot of your hours are different from your typical 9-5, so we’re all able to see each other at similar times.

“I can also go home and talk to my girlfriend about my day, and she’ll completely understand all of it.

“But there is a bit of healthy competition between us – as you would expect!

“I’m the best pizza maker out of all of us. I don’t know if they’d agree but I would say so.

“I make them the nicest and I make them the fastest. My go-to one to make is the Mighty Meaty.”

Working his way up so fast, James has had to face his fair share of criticism that he is too young for so much responsibility. However he says he embraced the challenge and has made a success of it.

James said: “I started working at Domino’s as soon as I could.

“My uncle knew I was looking for a job and I managed to get a job as a team pizza maker which I loved and convinced my younger brothers to join the team as well.

“I was a big pizza fan before I started working there and went there all the time.

“It was a bit terrifying at first taking on my first management role at 17, but I loved the challenge. I worked hard and was able to prove that I could do it and continue to progress in the company.

“Domino’s has always been a great place to work, and my progression Is a great example of with the right work ethic you can progress at pace.”

It’s not just a case of being able to work alongside family, James found love among the doughballs after meeting Leanne.

James said: “We met while working at Domino’s.

“We knew each other just over a year before anything happened. I got a promotion to store manager of a different store, which is when we got together.

“We started dating in February last year.”

While some may shudder at the thought of spending extra time with family working alongside them every day, James says it gives him the chance to spend quality time with people he cares for.

James said: “Working at Domino’s with my family has been amazing, everyone’s very supportive and help you with anything you need.

“The fun culture in our stores, means you also never have a dull day.

“It’s brilliant working for such a brilliant brand. They’re standards are high, they’re helpful and the progression for me has been fast. It’s been really, really good.”

James has even developed Domino’s latest menu addition – Twisted Dough Balls – after winning the internal Domi-chef competition.

The Twisted Doughballs are dusted with cinnamon sugar, baked and then topped with melted milk chocolate, which James made for Leanne at the end of his shifts.

Domino’s has also launched The Ultimate Spicy Meatball pizza – topped with pepperoni, pork meatballs, red onions and sliced jalapenos, then drizzled with new spicy sriracha.  

It’s the brainchild of Senior Store Manager of Domino’s Smethwick, West Midlands, Chandandeep Singh who also entered it into Domino’s DomiChef competition.  

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