Padel: the UK’s fastest growing racket sport

Padel is now one of the UK’s fastest growing sports and there are currently over 200 courts in the country.

Padel is often described as a mix between tennis and squash and it is played on an enclosed court, about 25% smaller than a tennis court.  

Players can play the ball off the walls, which leads to long, exciting rallies and there is even the possibility of running outside the court to get the ball back in play.

Padel was first invented in Mexico in the 1960s and from there it moved to Spain and Latin America, where the sport has boomed in popularity.

In Spain, there are over 25 million players and padel is the country’s second most popular sport after only football.

The Londoners spoke to international padel players, local clubs and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to find out what is behind padel’s surge in popularity.

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Featured image credit:  Tomasz Krawczyk on Unsplash

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