Local elections 2022 preview: Havering

In Havering, all 55 seats will be up for election on 5 May, with polls open between 7am and 10pm.

In the 2018 election, the council remained under no overall control and councillors elected on Thursday will be in power for the next four years.

The Conservatives were the largest party, winning 25 of 55 seats with Havering Residents Association forming the main opposition with 17 remaining seats.

The 2022 election will take place under new election boundaries, which will increase the number of councillors to 55.

Often falling under no overall control, the council saw a British National Party candidate elected in 2006 and a UK Independence Party candidate in 2014.

The council has a long history of independent and Residents Association candidates winning election, including the Havering Residents Association (HRA).

In May 2019, a Residents Association councillor for Elm Park, Sally Miller, defected to the Conservative Party.

The polling station locations for any postcode in Havering can be found here and the candidates for each ward in Havering can be found here.


  • Instructions on how to vote by proxy can be found here. ¬†
  • Instructions on how to vote by post can be found here.
  • The number of councillors to be elected in each ward can be found here.

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