East London pizza shop vandalised

Businesses in East London are under attack after a string of unprovoked incidents, costing tens of thousands in damages for many business owners.

Flat Earth Pizza has been vandalised for the third time since April 2022, potentially costing the business up to £20,000 in damages.

The restaurant, based in Hackney, had seven of its windows smashed on 7 March in an apparent unprovoked attack. Its menu tries to challenge conventions with experimental vegan and vegetarian pizzas.

Video created by Sarah Baker after the third attack on her restaurant since April 2022

Unable to afford further costs in damages Flat Earth Pizza launched a GoFundMe to raise £15,000, so far raising £6746.

Rich Baker, the co-owner of Flat Earth Pizzas said: “It has been personally upsetting. It is like having your home smashed in with no understanding why.”

While the co-owner, Sarah Brading, has publicly called on Rushanara Ali, Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, to meet with her to discuss better support for businesses attacked.

Miss Ali has agreed to a meeting on 30 March 2023.

As mentioned, these attacks appears to be part of a string of unprovoked incidents happening across east London.

When speaking to other businesses in the surrounding area about the impact of this, Jason, 25, who works at the Lotus Café said: “[the business] will take extra caution when locking up and invest in security systems.”

He added that when such horrific attacks are taking place up the street it automatically impacts all businesses in the area.  

Julian, the owner of the Hare Pub in Hackney, said: “When you live around here you are always aware of the crime. I have top security alarms in place, but basically the police don’t do anything.”

It appears these unprovoked attacks are continuing throughout east London. Just this week yet another business, Quantus Gallery in Spitalfields, had its front windows smashed. The owner is estimating £50,000 in damages to the business.

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