First mourners react to seeing the Queen lie-in-state

The first mourners to see the Queen lie-in-state in Westminster Hall have given their reactions to seeing the late monarch’s coffin.

Shortly after 5pm this afternoon, the first members of the public, some of whom had been queuing for two days, were allowed entrance to see the Queen, who will lie-in-state until 6:30am on Monday morning, the day of her funeral.

Grace and Ann, the second and third individuals into the room, told our reporters about the experience.

Delroy Morrison, who has been in the queue since Monday night, was also among the first and spoke of the community atmosphere among those who were at the front of the queue.

Nina Kristofferson admitted that at times the queue was awful and miserable as the rain came down, but claimed it was worth it in the end.

Videos courtesy of reporters Eve Bennett, Florence Freeman Georgina Findlay, Ivaylo Statelov, Laura Beveridge and Martha McHardy

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