Dog party takes place in Islington to celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation

Dogs and their owners came together over the weekend to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation in Arundel Square in Islington.

The event took place on Sunday 7 May and was organised by Keefy Yap, the founder of social app YapYap which is designed to connect dog parents across the city. 

YapYap was created during the first lockdown in 2020 and has since evolved into an active meet up group with more than one thousand members.

YAPPY AND GLORIOUS: Watch the dogs party for King Charles III’s Coronation

Yap explained: “YapYap is basically like Bumble but for dogs.

“I’m here today to celebrate the coronation and bring all my community together, just for a nice day out and to celebrate a festive day.”

One of the attendees is dog owner, Anna, who said: “She’s had an amazing time, met loads of little dogs, had a really nice play and home-made treats.”

The next YapYap event takes place on Sunday 14 May which you can find information here.

Featured image credit: Elisha Juttla

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