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Local elections 2022: Hackney remains part of an east London Labour stronghold

Hackney remained firmly the staunch Labour stronghold it has been for more than half a century in this year’s local elections.

The mayoral and council elections were as predictable as ever, with Labour claiming 50 of the 57 seats available and securing four more years of Philip Glanville as the borough’s mayor.

There was one major upset in Hackney Downs, a traditionally Labour ward, as Green candidate Alastair Binnie-Lubbock toppled Anna-Joy Rickard from the seat she’s held since 2014. 

Binnie-Lubbock said: “Hackney residents have voted for hard-working Greens, and the size of our vote share across the borough sends a strong signal that we, not the Tories, are the real opposition on the council now.

“We can now give much-needed scrutiny to the Labour administration, and work with them for the benefit of residents.

“People told us right throughout the campaign that they wanted Green representation and we are delighted to provide it. 

“The team will work to build fairer, greener communities, and we will never forget the faith placed in us this week.”

The Greens had one other councillor elected, Zoë Garbett in Dalston, but the Conservatives remained the second biggest party on the council as they still had five councillors elected, the same as in 2018.

However, despite maintaining an overwhelming majority on the council, Labour still have a lot of work to do to keep residents appeased, with LTNs, crime and homelessness identified as key issues affecting the borough.

Gas engineer and Hackney resident Des Williams said: “Homelessness is an issue and the council need to address that, people are losing their homes because of the rising cost of living crisis. 

“Being an essential key worker and driving a van, low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) are a big problem for me trying to drive to jobs, the council have just diverted the traffic from one street to another causing traffic jams.”

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