French embassy's Gilles Quillot preparing the Coronation quiche

French Embassy’s chef reflects on the coronation quiche

Did you know the “quiche” King Charles III has planned to serve at his Coronation meal was
once adored by another King Charles III in 10th-century France?

The French Embassy’s head chef Gilles Quillot spoke about the origins of this simple and
beloved French dish which originated in the eastern region of Lorraine where he’s also from.

CORONATION QUICHE: Gilles Quillot spoke to the Londoners about the iconic dish

It was originally a modest dish cooked with farm ingredients like wheat, bacon, milk, cream
and eggs.

Chef Quillot, who works at the Embassy’s London Residence, said: “I think the idea of a
quiche is very good because it’s something that everybody can relate to.”

The King’s vegetarian recipe differs from the original “quiche Lorraine”, which doesn’t
include vegetables.

Reflecting on this recipe, Chef Quillot commented: “I think the choice of having a vegetarian
quiche was on purpose because the vegetables in the recipe are in season.

“Even if it has the tracks of a quiche, we can’t really call it a quiche because a “quiche Lorraine” has eggs, cream, dough and bacon and no broccoli.

“We are a bit lost in translation in this situation but I am very happy to play along.”

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