Opportunity missed for joint King Charles and Prince Archie celebration says Scottish NHS worker

A Scottish woman believes King Charles’ coronation is a missed opportunity to have had a joint celebration with Prince Harry’s son Prince Archie of Sussex, who is four today.

Jocelyn Walker, 61, wanted to see Prince Archie at today’s proceedings to celebrate with his grandfather.

Despite that, the NHS addiction worker from Glasgow was thrilled to watch the coronation coverage in Hyde Park alongside fellow NHS addiction worker Maggi Colvin, 62, also from Glasgow.

Walker said: “It’s their [Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex] baby boy’s birthday today.

“I just think today could have been a big joint celebration. It’s his grandfather and I just feel as if he’s being deprived of all this pomp and pageantry and a day that’s going to be in the history books.

“I used to love Harry but I’m not a fan anymore after all the things he’s been disclosing.

“I just wanted to be a part of today though and I’m going to enjoy the fun. We’ve even dressed up!”

Both Colvin and Walker – pictured above – were sat wearing plastic crowns and red robes, surrounded by Union Jack flags having arrived at Hyde Park early this morning to gain a good spot of the big screen.

When asked about what she’d say to King Charles if she met him today, Walker (pictured above, left) said: “Oh, congratulations!

“It’s been long-awaited for him. He’s been the longest apprentice in history, and he definitely does deserve it.”

The pair flew down from Glasgow on Thursday night and are staying at Colvin’s brother’s flat in Euston, central London.

Colvin spoke about the general feeling in Hyde Park.

She said: “Everybody’s here because they want to be here.

“We could have watched it on the television but the chance to be here in the moment, it’s just amazing.

“It’s the chance of a lifetime because we’ll probably never see another coronation again.”

Featured image: Phil Campbell

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