the outside of spitalfields city farm

Spitalfields City Farm: free events and activities in east London

A small city farm in Tower Hamlets is providing a tranquil green space in the middle of a built-up east London district.

Spitalfields City Farm was a popular spot during the Easter bank holidays for families to explore the farm and meet its animal residents.

Open year-round, the farm is committed to supporting the community and providing educational and well-being opportunities.

Chief executive Philip Nichols has an extensive background in the charity sector.

He acknowledges he has little knowledge of managing a farm but knows what it takes to run a charity and works closely with farmyard assistants, which what makes the farm run smoothly.

On Good Friday it held a ‘Meet and Bleat’ animal encounter event, run by local volunteers and encouraging children to get creative.

Watch the event and an interview with Nichols below:

WATCH: Free Easter events at Spitalfields City Farm in east London

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