A picture of staff outside Revere the Residence shop

Stoke Newington social enterprise started from gifts shop

A Stoke Newington social enterprise for young people with learning disabilities has started from a shop selling gifts and home decorations on Church Street.

Revere the Residence, founded by Kate Revere, sets out to provide employment to children with learning disabilities and their parents.

The aim is to provide a means for young people with disabilities to have independence and to ensure they can be valued and seen as people in their own right, not just for their disabilities.

Kate has raised her own daughter, Piper, who has disabilities and this inspired her to start the social enterprise at Revere the Residence.

She said: “Each of the people who comes to work here brings their own set of talents and perspectives.

“We don’t just get the young people working here to clean windows and stock shelves.

“They’re creating window displays and using their creative talents to make this shop a brighter place.”

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