Chatbots fail to satisfy customers according to global survey

A global survey by a leading sofware company has revealed that only 64% of people were satisfied when using chatbots.

Cyara, a company catering for over 300 leading global brands for their automated customer experiences, released Forrester Consulting’s new study, demonstrating how chatbots failed to meet customer satisfaction, conducted in November 2022.

The study collected 1,554 global customers who used sales and/or chatbots in the last six months about their recent experiences and expectations.

Dennis Reno, Chief Customer Officer of Cyara, said: “Delivering positive chatbot experiences has a critical impact on customer satisfaction and sales, and sub-par chatbots will not cut it for consumers today.

“Organisations that invest in quality assurance testing and training chatbots can provide customers with better and more consistent chatbot experiences.”

Results showed 40% of global customers thought negatively of the chatbots interactions while 50% left frustrated.

Major retailers in the UK, such as H&M and Lidl, use chatbots for online usage rather than speaking directly to an agent.

77% of participants believed efficiency was the key aspect to ranking chatbots higher than alternative communications due to the 24 hour support, faster response times and autonomy they provide.

However, almost 75% of global customers agreed that chatbots failed to understand complex questions, and almost half of respondents stated that their responses were incoherent in context.

The struggle continued as over half of respondents said they had trouble connecting with an agent after the aggravating chatbot experience.  

While three out of 10 respondents would prefer to shop elsewhere and warn others about their poor experience with the brand while 73% abandoned their purchase altogether.

A majority of respondents were happy to recommend brands as long as the chatbot service met their expectations.

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