Hackney show cancelled after Scottish rock band members fight on stage

Scottish rock band The View have revealed that their headline show at Oslo, Hackney has been cancelled due to a fight breaking out on stage between band members in Manchester.

Footage from Twitter shows frontman Kyle Falconer throw a punch towards the bass player Kieran Webster as the Scottish rockers – who had a top 10 hit in 2007- played Manchester’s live music venue, Deaf Institute.

The rock band has apologised to fans and told them to keep hold of their tickets, with a further announcement expected soon after tonight’s show in Hackney was cancelled.

Before the incident, the band were reported to be ‘buzzing to be back, the place was bouncing’.

But the set was cut short with a further seven songs still to be played, to what was described as ‘unreal before that’.

Some fans are now calling for a refund after the fight ‘ruined a class night’.

Falconer later came on the stage alone to finish the encore with a solo acoustic of the hit song ‘Face for the Radio’.

The conflict arose after Falconer claimed: “He (Webster) wants to sing the songs and he can’t.”

He later added that Webster should: “finish the set himself”.

The band rose to fame in 2007 after their hit single Same Jeans reached number three on the UK Singles Chart.

They topped the album chart with Hats Off to the Buskers before breaking up in 2017.

They reunited last year and many fans were eagerly awaiting their new tour – but last night’s clash has cast some uncertainty around the rest of their UK tour, as well as TRNSMT Festival and Neighbourhood Weekender.

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